Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Three Types Of Tears

Basal, the tears that keeps the eyes moist. Without them, blinking would feel like sandpaper scratching our eyes. We produce between five and 10 ounces a day.

Reflex, the tears that come from cutting onions or a finger in the eye.

Emotional, they are the only tears that dispel toxins.

Women produce 60 percent more prolactin – the same hormone used for breast-feeding – in their tears than man.

Crying is hard in space – gravity issues.

British psychologist John Siaboda concluded that the most tear-inducing musical passage of all time is the beginning of the third movement in Rachmaninoff’s Second Symphony.

Humans are the only animals known to cry, not counting Walt Disney cartoons.

Tear contains mucus, water and oil.

Our noses run when crying because tears drain into the lacrimal ducts inside our eyes and into the nasal cavity.

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